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The Endless Summer*

* Umbrella Drink Optional

Welcome to our Free Planet

At Free Planet we focus on Quality, Comfort, Sustainability, and SUMMER VIBES.

We do our best to keep prices sane in an insane world.

We care about our planet we all enjoy. Our fabrics are organic and sustainable. They're produced in factories that adhere to high worker and environmental standards (ask us for details).

Bold colors. Fun prints. Good fun.

It's summer somewhere!

"Real men wear pineapples."

-Zack (Co-founder)

"White is alright, but the sun is yellow and the sea blue. Life is color! Wear 'em!"

-Ovadia (Co-Founder)

"You guys are nuts with your crazy designs. I love 'em!"

-Jess (Head of Customer Experience)

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